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What is Skimming?

Skimming is the act of stealing PIN and debit card information through the use of skimming devices and cameras.

What is a skimming device?

A skimming device is a card reader that is placed over the real card reader slot of the machine which typically looks identical to the real reader. When a card is slid or swiped through the skimming device, all of the card information from the magnetic strip is saved. There is also a hidden camera(s) pointed directly at the keypad of the machine to record a patron typing in his/her PIN.

How does skimming happen?

The criminal compiles the data from the skimming device and the camera(s) and creates fake debit cards using the stolen information.

 As technology advances, skimming devices and hidden cameras are becoming much more difficult to detect. Skimming can happen at ATMs, gas pumps and anywhere else credit and debit cards are accepted. It is important to know what you can do to help protect yourself from a skimming attempt.



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Cover Your PIN

Always cover the keypad of a machine when putting your PIN in using your hand. Criminals use hidden cameras to steal PIN information. By covering the keypad, you significantly decrease the chances of a criminal accessing your PIN.

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Observe the ATM

Before using a machine, look for anything that may look out-of-place. If the card reader feels loose, there may be a skimmer attached. A genuine card reader will be securely attached to the ATM. Be sure to examine the keypad as well. If the keypad looks different from the rest of the machine, something may be wrong. Lastly, you will want to inspect the machine and surrounding area for any hidden cameras.

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Monitor Your Accounts

Regularly check your accounts online. If there is any suspicious activity on your account, contact us immediately at (401) 233-4700.



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