Bill Payment

img-billpay.jpgNavigant Credit Unions online Bill Payment service is a convenient way for you to pay your bills without the hassle of writing out checks, stuffing envelopes, buying stamps and making a special trip to the post office.  You can pay all your bills with a click of mouse and use the rest of the time to do the more rewarding things on your journey.



What are the advantages of using our Bill Pay service?

  • Bill Payment is FREE*
  • Pay bills any time, from any computer with internet access
  • Schedule a "one-time" payment as well as a "recurring" payment
  • When you use Bill Payment, paying your bills will take just minutes
  • No more writing checks, addressing envelopes, or licking stamps

Navigant will handle any customer service issues for you.

*For Business Members only, bill payment is free up to 25 bill payments per month. Fees will be incurred thereafter. Contact a Navigant Credit Union representative for specific terms.