Welcome to our Technology Upgrade Information Page.

Please visit here often for the most up to date information regarding the Navigant Credit Union Technology Upgrade. 

We are pleased to announce that our technology upgrade is complete.  All Navigant Credit Union services are back on-line.   

If you have any questions about your specific accounts we encourage you to call 401.233.4700 or visit a local branch office.  

All the work we have done has been done to provide our members with the best possible banking experience delivered in the most efficient manner possible. We thank you for your patience and we look forward to continuing to serve you.


Below you will find links to important information

 Technology Upgrade Booklet

Online Banking Important User Information

New Money Central Call Flow Matrix (Telephone Banking)


General Information
Questions Answers
Will my account numbers change? Account numbers may be changing. The change will have no impact on any members electronic transactions, checks, ATM or Debit Cards. You received a cover page with your booklet which lists all of your account numbers through June 30th and the corresponding new account numbers effective September 2nd. You may begin using your new account numbers after September 2nd to set up any NEW direct deposits, automatic transfers or electronic payments.
What if I opened an account after June 30? If you opened an account after June 30th, you will be able to obtain the new account number through online banking after September 2nd or on the September monthly statement.
What if I have more than one Member numbers? If you have multiple member numbers you will see your accounts merged into one surviving member number.
What is happening to my Passbook(s)? No significant changes to passbooks will occur. 12 months of passbook history will be available for passbook updating.
Online Banking
Questions Answers
Why do I see accounts in my online banking that I have never seen before? Members who have multiple member numbers will see your accounts merged into one surviving member number. This will allow you to view all accounts they have a role on in one online banking session.
Which member login do I use if I had more than one member number? You should use the user ID and Password from your surviving member number. If you are unsure which number has survived, call the Call center at 401.233.4700
What happened to my Bill pay accounts associated with my consolidated member numbers? If you had multiple member numbers and bill pay sessions with each member number, only one bill pay session and set of payees will survive. Please contact the Call Center 401.233.4700 if the incorrect Bill Pay session was removed. They will be able to switch it back.
Recurring payments scheduled in bill payment? Recurring payments will remain intact after the conversion. Any recurring payment scheduled using the bill pay from an orphaned bill pay account, will continue to process until stopped by intervention by Online Banking Department. Unfortunately, members will have no way to edit or delete that payment through your surviving bill pay. The Online Banking Department has options for these members please call OLB Department.
I use Personal Financial Management Tools? If you use Personal Financial Management (PFM) software like QuickBooks, Quicken or Microsoft Money, you will need to update account numbers in your PFM the first time they access your PFM software after the technology upgrade. Please refer to the help menu inside your PMF tool for instructions on how to change your account numbers.
Why can I no longer automatically transfer money into an account I have no role on? Cross account transfers by members into any account they do not have a role on will no longer be offered through OLB or through Telephone banking. Example: A grandparent has set up a cross account link to a grand childs account so they can transfer money into that account through online banking or telephone banking. They have no role on that account. If you would like to regularly transfer funds into an account you have no role on, you may come into a branch or call the call center to arrange for a pre-authorize transfer. You may also create a bill payment in Online Banking and schedule that bill to be paid automatically at a scheduled time.
Questions Answers
Do I need to order new checks? You DO NOT need to order new checks until your supply is run out.
Is my Journe Rewards Checking qualification cycle different? Journe Rewards Checking qualification cycles will all begin on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month.
Will I still receive monthly qualifications E-mails? We will continue to produce E-mails informing you if you met or did not meet your qualification requirements.
Why do I see a service fee for my checking accounts ($10.00) but then it is reversed. I did not think I paid a service fee? Prior to the Technology Upgrade, if your checking account qualified for free checking, no fee appeared on your monthly statement or in online banking history. Now, an account that qualifies for free checking will see the fee show in a monthly statement but be debited out of the account right away.
Monthly Statements
Questions Answers
Why does my monthly statement look different? Monthly statements have a new design to make them easier to read and easier to understand.
My credit union loan is automatically paid each month, will my notice continue to be part of my monthly statement? If a loan has auto pay we will no longer send combined loan and deposit statements. There will be a separate loan statement sent and produced in e-Statements. Loan statements that are part of e-Statements will not be available at go-live. Members will be sent paper statements for a short period of time as a work around.
Questions Answers
My eStatement looks different? e-Statements mirror printed statements and are now presented in a PDF format. PDF format allows you to download, save and print your statements. You will need a PDF reader which they can obtain at http://get.adobe.com/reader/ it is a free reader from Adobe
Why can't I see the front and back of my check in e-Statements? Check Images will appear as they currently do on a statement. you will see the front side of the check. If you would like to see both sides of a cleared check, you should return to the online banking account screen and from the account history you may view and print both sides of the check.
Why is there two different e-Statement histories? E-statement history prior to the upgrade will be available in online banking as it is today. Your old e-Statement history will be presented as it was in XML format. New statements will be in PDF format.
Where is the auto- reconciliation feature in e-statements? The auto-reconciliation feature inside E-statements is no longer available on the new statements. This is because we are moving to PDF versions of your statements.
I used to see my loan on my monthly statement what happened? If your loan has auto pay we will no longer send combined loan and deposit statements. There will be a separate loan statement sent and produced in e-Statements. Loan statements that are part of e-Statements will not be available at immediately after the upgrade; you will be sent paper statements for a short period of time until the electronic version of your loan notice is available.
Monthly Statements
Questions Answers
Money Central (Telephone Banking) Multiple Member number login There will also be upgrades to Money Central. The upgrades are mentioned in the menu selection and navigation. You should listen to the options when you call (401) 233-3100 for the first time after the technology upgrade. If you are a Member with multiple Member numbers prior to the upgrade, you will use the user Id and PIN from your surviving member number to access the system. If you use Money Central to access Business, Trust or DBA accounts, please contact the Call Center or visit a branch office where they can assist in providing access on or after September 2nd for the first time after the technology upgrade.
I can't find the rates in Money Central? You will no longer be able to get rates through Money Central.
ACH/ACH Origination
Questions Answers
Why do my electronic deposits and withdrawals happen at different times than they used to? Debits and credits will continue to process to your account on the same day, except that debits will process at a later time of the day than they used to.
Questions Answers
Why do my loan notices look different? We have improved all loan billing notices. The new layout and detail will make reading and understanding your notices easier. You will no longer see loan information on your combined monthly statements. You will receive a separate loan statement/billing notice for each of your loans.
I have my mortgage payment automatically taken out of my account and received a statement in the mail. This did not used to happen. If you have a mortgage payment automatically deducted from your NCU account you will now receive a monthly statement. This enhancement allows you to be more informed about the balance of your mortgage loan and recent payments. There is no effect on the automatic payment process for mortgages and it is not a bill.
Deposit Ops
Questions Answers
Why did the order of my overdraft sources change? You may have multiple over draft sources in pulling funds in an order you selected. All of your chosen overdraft source accounts will be converted. We have realign those accounts post upgrade manually to the order in which you selected. If the order is not correct, Please contact the Call Center 401.233.4700 of visit a branch to change the order of your overdraft sources.